GHS is a software system for the design and evaluation of all types of ships and floating structures. GHS is also used in
design and analysis of submarines, SWATHs, dry docks, drilling platforms, 10-foot sailboats, 300 metre frieghters,
floating bridges and even a floating golf green. GHS addresses simple and complex stability issues including intermediate
stages of flooding, spilling of Cargo and optimizing against complex stability creteria.

Developed by Creative Systems, Inc. specifically for today's computers, GHS has become widely recognized as the most
productive tool of its kind. It is continually being extended and improved to ensure its continued leadership and excellence
in response to increasing sophistication of stability standards and computing technology. GHS is well-proven, reliable,
respected by regulatory agencies and in constant use by major design firms and shipyards.

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GHS Load Monitor (GLM) is a software program used aboard ships to monitor stability and/or strength with various loads.
It gives vessel operators the ability to quickly check the safety of present and anticipated loading conditions.

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